22-25 FEB 2024

A romance festival for lovers of films & books


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A romance festival for lovers of films & books

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Join us in conversation with Australia’s finest romance authors..

Join the magic as fabulous authors HM Hodgson and Stacey McEwan share their world-building secrets and character inspirations. An entertaining conversation awaits! Book signings in Angelika’s foyer, brought to you by Shelf Lovers pop-up store.

Friday @ 11:00 AM
In Conversation Book Event

On Fridays, We Read Fantasy

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Amy Andrews is an author with a deep back list, a passion for writing, the romance genre, and connecting with audiences. Amy will be joined on stage by the effervescent Olympia Kwitowski, radio breakfast host and…

Sunday @ 11:00 AM
In Conversation Book Event

All Loved Up

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Our Lussh Films

Australian Premiere. Renowned matchmaker, Lucy Marks, meets a handsome businessman and feels an immediate spark. She is disappointed to find out the next day that he is Finn Grayson, her newest client. With a strict…

Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Romance, G

Experience a bittersweet romantic drama with Michael Caine in his last film role. A touching tribute to enduring love unfolds in just 48 hours.

Friday @ 4:00 PM
Saturday @ 2:00 PM
Drama, Romance, M

Indulge in Baz Luhrmann’s iconic film of Shakespeare’s love story. Witness star-crossed lovers in a post-modern Verona Beach amid rival gangs.

Friday @ 6:00 PM
Romance, Drama, M

Step into the enchanting world of Twilight. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson lead the vampire saga. Declare allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob on the big screen.

Friday @ 8:10 PM
Romance, Drama, Fantasy, M

Delight in ‘The Gift That Gives,’ an Australian rom-com. Callum falls for Linda, but fate brings Kate and Austin together in a quest to uncover hidden love letters.

Saturday @ 4:00 PM
Sunday @ 2:15 PM
Romance, PG

Did you dedicate your first love a love song? Greatest Days closes out BLUSSH and is full of iconic love songs. Based on the Take That musical, five best friends have the night of their…

Sunday @ 7:00 PM
Comedy, Drama, Musical, M

    What to expect

    Join us for a feast of the romantic senses in Brisbane from Thursday 22nd through to Sunday 25th

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