Prose Progression: In Conversation with Emerging and Established Writers

In conversation

Anna Campbell
Jordan Clayden Lewis
Michelle Beesley
Andrea Lewis



Session Time

60 Mins

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Sat 24 Feb @ 11:00AM

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At this event we celebrate Brisbane writers and are in conversation with emerging writers Michelle Beesley and Jordan Clayden-Lewis, and the exceptionally talented and established writer Anna Campbell.

Anna writes compelling historical romances, mainly set in the Regency period. She has released 11 bestselling books with HarperCollins and Hachette and more than 35 as an independent author. Michelle’s novel is rich in destination romance and we go on a road trip with Jordan.

The conversation will be expertly moderator by Andrea Lewis. CEO and Festival Director of Gold Coast’s Storyfest.

Michelle, Jordan and Anna will be signing books after the In Conversation event at the BLUSSH inspired pop up markets on The Boulevard in South City Square (downstairs from Angelika). Shelf Lovers will be able to sell you the books at their pop up store in the Angelika Film Centre foyer.

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